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RT Hood and Duct Services, Inc.

About R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc.

R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc. originated in Seattle, WA in 1981. This small grease exhaust system service company had seven customers and one truck. Through continuous hard work and dedication to customer service and quality, we have grown to become a full service fire protection. Along this journey we have developed extensive expertise and received numerous certifications in the industry, expanding our scope to include the pre-engineered automatic fire suppression systems located under the grease exhaust hoods. We now install, service, and maintain these systems in addition to the grease exhaust cleaning work. Our commitment to excellence continues now more than ever and as the area’s leading complete fire protection company we have an even stronger obligation to our communities and our customers.

Being recognized by the State of Washington, office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) as a Womens Business Enterprise allows us to bring an added dimension to the services we provide.

R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc. as a company has always endeavored to continually raise quality and education levels within the industry with a goal of better fire protection for all. Once certification became available in 1994, R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc. was one of the first IKECA companies to become certified. In addition to certification held by our personnel, R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc, is a certified Gaylord water wash service representative.

Our Systems Engineers have unmatched technical knowledge. Their many years of hands on experience and mechanical proficiency result in a superior product within the grease exhaust service industry as well as the automatic fire suppression industry. They hold CECS certifications from IKECA, and are factory trained and certified from Ansul, Pyro-Chem, and Range Guard for both wet and dry suppression systems. The City of Seattle has licensed them for gas piping and certified them for portable fire extinguishers and fixed automatic fire suppression systems.

R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc. brings twenty four years of experience to every project. Our three departments and our administrative and support staff work together seamlessly to provide an unmatched level of quality and expertise. These departments cover (1) grease exhaust systems service, (2) automatic fire suppression installation and upgrade, and (3) automatic fire suppression system and portable fire extinguisher service. Each department is intimately involved with clients in order to provide a unique business relationship with quality service.

In addition, the training and orientation required at R&T Hood and Duct Services, Inc. not only meets but also exceeds the National Fire Protection Association and International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association standards for education and safety. With our many years of experience the company and its services have expanded beyond the Puget Sound to include the majority of Western Washington.

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