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Installation Upgrade Repair

Fire Systems Installation

From start to finish we provide professional design and installation of new suppression systems as well as upgrades you may need to your current system. We start with a comprehensive layout and drawing. We then acquire the appropriate permit and physically install the system. Once your suppression system is installed, we thoroughly test with the appropriate AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction).

Installation of UL300 Suppression systems: UL300 is the new standard for fire suppression systems which protect cooking areas. Restaurant kitchen appliances and cooking medium have changed significantly over recent years and combination of factors has created a more severe fire potential. If you are using a “high efficiency” fryer, or cooking with vegetable shortening or mineral oil and have not upgraded your fire suppression system to comply with UL300 standards, your existing system may not extinguish an appliance fire. As a result, local fire officials are requiring upgrades to comply with the new UL300 design parameters.

Because of the UL 300 requirements, dry chemical systems have not been able to meet the fire suppression needs and requirements of UL300 for fryers and all other appliances. In liquid agent systems, certain appliances, including fryers, will require more agent than was needed in the past. You may have been advised by your Local Fire Department that you need to upgrade to UL300. We can help.

We are distributors for Ansul, Pyro-Chem, and Range Guard and have been trained and certified by these manufacturers. We are also registered as a licensed Washington State Contractor.

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Installation Upgrade Repair

Fire Systems Upgrade

You may need to upgrade your system to the new UL300 Standards. (see more information about this standard under our Installation section).

If you have changed your appliances, moved your appliances, added appliances, increased the size of your cooking area or have not upgraded to UL300, you may be out of compliance with the local fire code. We can assist you with these issues and help you upgrade your system so that you comply.

Contact our sales department to help plan future modification or modifications to your existing gas piping.

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Installation Upgrade Repair

Fire Systems Repair

If your system is down, we can help. We have a service technician on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We do repairs to your system, recharge your system when the system discharges, diagnose and repair fans.

Call us for repair or emergency service.
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